PWHF Code of Ethics
PWHF Code of Ethics

As a member of the Foundation, I will try my best to help wholeheartedly and in unison with others to realize the goals and objectives of the Foundation in nature and wildlife conservation.

• I will value and acclaim the ideas put forth by individuals and acknowledge such ideas as theirs and do this even with regard to minute matters. But at the same time I try to enhance the collective spirit by helping transform individual prowess of individual members into an all-powerful collective actor.

• I try to defend and protect the existence and viability of the Foundation as long as it is making efforts to conserve the environment and our beleaguered wildlife.

• I believe that each and every human being, regardless of varying beliefs and outlooks, is worthy of respect. As such, in dealing with other members of the Foundation, I will be respectful of them and will accept differences of opinion with a spirit of kindness and friendship. When criticizing my colleagues, as we all have the right to do so, I try to criticize acts and procedures without any disrespect to the person and without resorting to gossip and other demeaning actions in his/her back.

• I will try to adopt in my personal and family life, in the office, and in any group activities a kind of behavior that is in accordance with environmental sensibilities.

• I will try to commit myself to the principles of responsibility taking, transparency, report writing, responsiveness, active participation, and respecting other people’s rights and, in general, to a kind of behavior that is participatory and respectful of the people with whom I work. Likewise, I expect the same treatment from constituents of the Foundation.

As PWHF’s emphasis in group activities is on honesty, cooperation, and mutual understanding,

• I get tasks done with a spirit of teamwork; i.e., I consider my colleagues’ success like my own. Honesty means I will always convey to my colleagues truth and nothing but truth, even if it may go against my personal interest. At the same time, I will try my best to cooperate and share my expertise and knowledge with other team members and even help out physically to promote the goals of the Foundation.

Discipline is a requisite in any group activity and is a sine qua non in successfully implementing our goals. All volunteers are equal with respect to the Foundation’s charter, internal rules and regulations, and our code of ethics. It is essential that all volunteers are treated equally and with no discrimination. A volunteer who acts in violation of the Foundation’s principles (particularly those engrained in the Code of Ethics) or repeats actions that are harmful to the environment, and refuses to heed to criticisms or reprimands of the Board of Directors will have her/his membership revoked at the request of the Board.

To enact changes or revisions in the codes of ethics of the Foundation, the Board of Directors takes suggestions at all times and after collecting all suggestions reviews and discusses them in a planning session of the Board meeting. If any changes are approved, it will be announced on the Foundation’s website and in other pertinent documents. All members of the Foundation take it upon themselves to abide by the principles enshrined in the Codes of Ethics.


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